Marcela Polanco speaks at TEDx San Antonio Salon

Marcela Polanco speaks at TEDx San Antonio Salon - English

As Dr. Marcela Polanco knocked on the door of Alicia’s house to meet her daughter “Sophia”, one of her first patients, she realized that she had omitted to review the little patient’s clinical history. It was too late to go back and she went in and got to know 4-year old Sophia for who she was, a creative, thoughtful and loving little girl. She also realized that Sophia had witnessed her dad physically abuse her mother, and that now she was experiencing bullying from other children at her school because of the color of her skin and her accent. On the way out, her mother confided to Dr. Polanco that she needed a lot of help, because of the four mental diagnosis that she had received from different professionals in the past year. This event changed Dr. Polanco’s course radically, and she explains how misguided and harmful a diagnosis can be to therapy and the proper healing of a child and what we owe to a patient.