Madres en red


Mariona Visa y Cira Crespo cuentan en 'Madres en red' cómo las mujeres han recuperado, con la ayuda de Internet, el relato de la experiencia maternal, tradicionalmente difundido por médicos, instituciones y medios de comunicación.

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Responding to trauma that is not past: Strengthening stories of survival and resistance


This first handbook about narrative approaches to therapy, group work, and community work from an Arabic perspective describes some of the key ideas and practices of narrative therapy and includes skilful and thoughtful examples of practice from Palestinian therapists. This handbook consists of four parts. The first describes the broader context of the narrative therapy work of Palestinian counsellors. The second documents a number of key narrative therapy practices and includes examples of Palestinian practice. Part Three conveys how narrative ideas are being used with groups and communities. And Part Four describes how Palestinian counsellors are trying to open possibilities for conversations around very difficult topics.